Air Conditioning Maintenance

At SK AIR we provide planned maintenance contracts for all of our clients, from one air conditioning unit through to entire office blocks with several hundred systems.

Our planned preventative maintenance is a scheduled work plan, with the main aim to keep your equipment working efficiently, cleanly and reliably.

The main reasons air conditioning equipment is maintained are as follows:

  • Energy Saving
  • F-Gas Compliance
  • Reduce Breakdowns
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Health of Occupants

A typical preventative maintenance package would include:

  • Thermal Imaging Survey to identify hot spots
  • Walk through maintenance to check for any potential problems
  • Efficiency testing on compressors
  • Full servicing and cleaning of all your air conditioning
  • Full service reporting

Our Air Conditioning maintenance packages are like the rest of our services. We will not give you "our standard maintenance program" without regard to your usage and requirements. We understand that every one of our customers is different and so are their maintenance requirements. We will only advise on a maintenance solution which suits your business, with the only exception of the F-Gas legislation.

Breathe life into your air conditioning systems today, save money and reduce down time.

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